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Cap Malheureux Beach

Cap Malheureux Beach is located in the village of Cap Malheureux, in the north part of Mauritius. This is one of the many beaches of Mauritius situated in the Rivière du Rempart district.

Cap Malheureux Beach is also known as Notre-Dame.

Cap Malheureux, or ‘Cape of Misfortune’ as one translation would be, was named after the many ships that literally hit the rocks just outside the north coast. Cap Malheureux is also the spot where the English invasion forces landed in 1810 to attack the French.

Today, the village is a quiet place and mostly known for its red roofed church, the Notre Dame Auxiliatrice. To be honest, beyond visiting the church, there is little else to see and do here. Should you forget to take a picture of it, the red roof wonder can be found on postcards in virtually any store across the island.

The builders of the church chose the location carefully, and it is difficult to find a more picturesque spot in the north. The view of the distant Coin the Mire is stunning, the bay is shallow and sandy, and the water is as colourful and clear as ever.

Despite these positives, few visitors would class Cap Malheureux beach as a beach as such, and while it is true that the waters are perfectly fine for a quick dip, the sandy areas are indeed limited in size. Also, it is worth mentioning that the Cap Malheureux fish landing station is located nearby, and it is not uncommon to find fish offal around the beach here.

Still, the beach sports clean public restrooms and decent snack food, especially at weekends when competition is fierce. For a sit down meal, along with an unbeatable view of Coin de Mire, try the three storey restaurant Le Coin de Mire, right opposite the church. Don’t expect gourmet food (or prices for that matter), but the service is friendly, and the view from upstairs is hard to beat.

For the true beach bum, there is a well kept secret about Cap Malheureux, and it lies a brisk three minute walk to the northwest, on the other side of the black rocks: Pointe aux Roches beach.

Here you will find a longer, wider, more quiet beach, and for some obscure reason – not a single tourist in sight.

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Cap Malheureux Beach Location: Cap Malheureux
Image of palm trees
Accessible by public transport: Yes
Major town nearby: Goodlands
Other beach nearby: Pointe aux Roches Beach
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District: Rivière du Rempart
Coordinates (latitude/longitude):
Length of main beach: 300 m (984 ft)
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Cap Malheureux Beach, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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