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Gris Gris Beach

Gris Gris Beach is located near the town of Souillac, in the south part of Mauritius. This is one of the many beaches of Mauritius situated in the Savanne district.

Gris Gris Beach is also known as Souillac Beach.

A somewhat informative sign put up by the Ministry of Tourism welcomes visitors to Gris Gris beach;

A rock shaped like a “praying nun” or a “witch engaged in witchcraft” lies between the cliffs and the barrier reef.

Incidentally, Gris Gris was also the name of the puppy of Abbott de la Caille, a French cartographer who came for a survey of the island in 1753.

Visiting Gris Gris in September 1886, the poet Paul Jean Toulet found the place “full of terror and fatalism although not devoid of mildness”.

“Sweet beaches where my soul was born, and thou blooming Savanne, soaked by tears of the ocean, and the blazing sun”.

One can of course interpret the words of the poet Paul-Jean Toulet in many ways, but Gris Gris, and the surrounding areas are by nature susceptible to heavy rainfall and strong wind. Perhaps this is what inspired the French poet to approach “terror and fatalism” when describing Gris Gris beach.

Plenty of references exist to Gris Gris as being a haunted place, and a beach connected to black magic, ritual suicides and other even less pleasant stories and events. Perhaps monsieur Toulet was not that far off in his description after all.

The beach itself is found in a somewhat remote location, not far from the infamous La roche qui pleure further to the east, but it is easily accessible from the neighbouring town of Souillac.

Gris Gris is listed in almost any guide book found on the market, and as such, the beach is naturally very popular with tourists. You will not find a lot of visitors down at the actual beach, probably due to the 70 or so steps it takes to get down to it – but you will hear the smattering cameras from the hills above.

Parking is convenient right next to the stairs, and there are a couple of local (if somewhat expensive) restaurants right next to the lookout point.

Depending on the season, the waters can be rather lively here, and although it is indeed possible to go for a swim, beware of the strong currents. Gris Gris is definitely not a beach for the little ones, but worth a visit for the very unique setting.

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Gris Gris Beach Location: Souillac
Image of palm trees
Accessible by public transport: Yes
Major town nearby: Chemin Grenier
Other beach nearby: Riambel SSR Beach
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District: Savanne
Coordinates (latitude/longitude):
Length of main beach: 250 m (820 ft)
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Gris Gris Beach, 3.7 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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