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Tamarin Beach

Tamarin Beach is located near the coastal village of Tamarin, in the western part of Mauritius. This is one of the many beautiful beaches of Mauritius situated in the district of Black River.

Tamarin Beach, Tamarin Bay Beach, or even Surfer Beach, as some would call it, is perhaps not as popular as it once was. A big surfing spot in the 70’s and 80’s, the beach today is mostly used by tourists from the nearby Tamarin Hotel, or the self catering crowd lucky enough to find a bungalow or villa for rent in Tamarin village.

The beach is somewhat unique with its black sand, wide stretches and roaring waves rolling in from open waters. Tamarin Bay is not protected by the coral reef, and as such, the beach enjoys a bit more lively waters than the neighbouring La Preneuse Beach for example.

Although many locals, long term expatriates and visitors alike will tell you that Tamarin Beach is not “what it once was”, the beach itself still has a lot going for it. There is plenty of room for everyone, and considering the size of the beach, there are few tourists here, compared to the neighbouring Flic en Flac beach for example.

There is a good selection of eateries in the neighbourhood, and due to the lack of hotel accommodations, the beach is not particularly affected by tourism.

Until recently, the beach itself was also not sign posted from the main road, which has had the effect that many tourists simply passed straight through Tamarin without ever discovering it. Perhaps this is one explanation for its mellow vibe over the past years.

This is undoubtedly set to change though, with a new Government effort to guide future visitors to the public beaches instead of the residential ones. As of 2011, small white and brown road signs are popping up by the coastal roads all around the island, effectively directing traffic towards the public beaches.

Property prices have soared in Tamarin over the last years, and the advent of the luxury gated community of Tamarina Golf Club & Spa has attracted more wealth to the neighbourhood.

The selection of self catering properties near Tamarin Bay is very limited, and as a consequence of the above, both the standard and the rates around Tamarin and Tamarin Beach tend to be in the more upmarket range.

If you visit only a few selected beaches in Mauritius, Tamarin Beach should definitely be on your list. Not because it’s the best beach on the island, or the most beautiful, or the longest, and definitely not because it’s has the whitest sand, because it really doesn’t. Tamarin Beach should be on your list because it’s very different from the other beaches that you will discover in Mauritius. As simple as that.

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Tamarin Beach Location: Tamarin
Image of palm trees
Accessible by public transport: Yes
Major town nearby: Flic en Flac
Other beach nearby: La Preneuse Beach
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District: Black River
Coordinates (latitude/longitude):
Length of main beach: 500 m (1640 ft)
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Tamarin Beach, 3.8 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

1 comment to Tamarin Beach

  • Chris and Colleen

    Over the last 5 months we have come to Tamarin beach very early in the morning or during the day or in the evening for sundowners, Tamarin beach will always be a very special place with its own unique character nowhere else to be found on the island . . .
    We just loved being there to enjoy the views and peace and will come back again!

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